Are fertilizers are good for trees?

Trees are the wonderful blessing of nature. They provide us with the food, shelter and the most important thing is the oxygen. They can absorb the dangerous gases from the air and also filter the dust. There is no life without the trees, even animals, birds and insects can’t live without the trees. Now people are aware of their advantages and focusing on planting them their gardens. Some people plant trees for the sake of fruits, some plant trees to enhance the beauty of their garden and some people plant trees to contribute the fresh air in their area. The trees need proper food for their healthy growth like water, sunlight, and fertilizers. Fertilizers play an important role in the healthy growth of trees and plants. Fertilizer can enrich the soil by providing the necessary nutrients and help the trees to grow healthier.
Need for the fertilizers:
There are many different types of soil around the world. Even in the same city or area, the soil may be different in the properties. Somewhere there is dark gray or somewhere it’s in black alkaline colour. These types of soil are prone and have the cracks in the hot summer. In this soil, there is very hard for the plants to grow. The roots of the trees are unable to grow deeper or get strength. The compaction and the rocks in the soil affect their growth badly.
How to fertilize trees?
The plants absorb fertilizers when the water is showered on them, the fertilizer mixes in the water and gets easily accessible to the roots. The fertilizers are applied on the surface of the soil or underneath the soil for better results. The fertilizers can be directly injected in the trunks for providing the nutrients to the roots and this technique is called deep root fertilization. The liquid form of the fertilizer can be sprayed by the foliar to provide the immediate nutrients to the leaves of the trees. The trees required the fertilizers for their efficient growth on a regular basis according to their requirements.
Types of the fertilizers:
There are two different types of fertilizers organic or inorganic. The inorganic fertilizer can be in solid or liquid form and are formulated chemically to add specific nutrients to the soil. The inorganic fertilizer is packed with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. The inorganic fertilizer can damage or cause the fertilizer burn to the plants due to the over saturation of these elements. It can spoil the water, which is dangerous for the animals to drink. It is important to have the proper study about the requirement of yurt soil and the need for the plant, so you can apply that certain amount or the fertilizers according to their needs. The organic fertilizers are made from natural materials. It can be in solid or liquid form; they are good for the soil amendment. There are many examples of the organic fertilizers that can be easily produced at home like, compost tea, biosolids, and bone meal. Some fertilizers may contain the bacteria and the fungi which are helpful to enhance the quality of the soil. They are produced from the natural elements and the process, so they are less harmful to the plants and the soil. You can hire a certified arborist for the process of fertilization.