Big trees in North Vancouver

“Someone’s seated in the shadow today because someone set out a tree a long time ago.” 

North Vancouver is one of the pretty city and blessed with the large trees in the world. the city is surrounded by a fresh and lush temperature environment, and it sits in the middle of the world’s largest temperate rainforest, stretching from northern California to Alaska.

Vancouver Island is the ideal place for trees to grow because of a huge amount of rainfall and a relatively mild climate. Perceive big trees a high preference for many tourists to Vancouver Island. There are various places to see and admire big trees on Vancouver Island some are mentioned below.

Big cedar

The big cedar in North Vancouver is one of the most recent discoveries on Vancouver Island. the big cedar trails are over 600 years old with a diameter of about 4 meters (13 feet) and the trail follows a muddy and rooty abounded logging road up the Lynn creek valley. you can hike these trails the whole year as it rarely has snow. Nevertheless from November to march be prepared to encounter icy condition, tch snow for you. a short walk on the big cedar trail will reveal several huge cedar trees, with the most magnificent being found within 500m of the road.

 Stanley park

First and foremost Stanley park a fabulous place to smudge giant trees although it can`t seem like wildness now talk about the interior of the park where we see how many big trees we can find. start from a tatlow walk trail which is a great place to find these trees also you people can explore the cathedral trail and bridle path.

 The ancient cedars 

If you love to see big trees and fortunately you are in whistler then visit head north of town where you can find five-kilometer long ancient cedars trails according to records said the trail is to be over from 900 years old. local people have installed graphic signs to help you educate about this attractive giants

Cypress falls

if you are visiting a west Vancouver for cypress will see big trees cedar and douglas fir tree  planted 300 years ago at west side creek between the two waterfalls

Yew lake

If you lead the way in cypress provincial park for Bowen lookout made a small byway on to the yew lake trail its 2km flat designed to be accessible also for wheelchairs. lots of

Allegorical signs to educate you regarding flora and fauna. it will be small for you but a precious orchard of huge Douglas firs and cedars you can find.

Frosty Mountain

The frosty mountain is the highest extortionate peak in the manning park’s however just below the peak you will discover a bunch of large trees. these trees are not surprisingly large but they are unique some of the trees in this bunch are one thousand years old but they haven’t seemed like maybe they grow bit by bit or at such sky preferment. visit in late September or early October to see changes green to the gold cause of autumn.…

The amazing forest to visit for travelers


The forest plays an essential role in the lives of human beings. They are the source of food and wood. And the tourist industry is on the boom from the 21st century, and it is highly dependent on the natural assets. The countries get highly earning through tourism only and the best places for the forest because they are blessed by nature. In this era, people are more focusing on the forests for spending their time than in other areas. There are some famous forests to visit by the tourists; some of them are discussed below.

Daintree Forest (Australia)

This forest is consisting of beautiful beaches and beautiful landscapes. It is situated on the northeast coast of Australia. It is the world oldest forest with the regular rains throughout the year. It is on the top of the list of the rainforests. There many wild creatures found in this forest which are the source of the attraction for the tourists. There are many different types of trees which have tasty fruits some of them are only found in this forest. You can spend your vacations thereby enjoying nature.

Crooked Forest (Poland)

This is man-made forest have a bunch of pine trees, and there are different types of the tools and the machines used to make this forest. The forest is formed in the 1930s with interesting techniques. There some other types of the tree also found in this forest, but this forest is famous for the pine trees. This forest has no such wild creatures but has some insects. Some small plants were crushed by the tanks in the Second World War, and the trees were grown in strange shapes. The pine trees make this forest beautiful; you can enjoy your stay in this forest.

Redwood national park (USA)

The redwoods are the tallest trees on the earth, especially the redwoods of California. They are only one of their kinds and only found in the redwood national park. This park has the tallest trees which have an average length of the 116 meters.  The trees were spread in the near forests and cover the area of the 158 kilometres. This forest has only the redwood and free from the wild animals. There is only a problem for some people who have asthma because this place has damp. The trees have a tall height, which can reduce the flow of the air to passes through the trees. You can enjoy the short visit to this forest.

Sagano Bamboo (Japan)

It is a famous forest in Japan which has bamboo trees only. It is very popular among the locals and the tourists. You can come on the train from Kyoto and enjoy the beautiful scenes of the bamboos. When the air passes through these bamboos, it creates a quite impressive sound. There are no other types of trees available in this forest, and you can only spend a day in this forest.…

Scuba Diving – Make Bubbles with a Smile

A majority of people would admit that they dive for the relaxation, excitement, adventure, and peacefulness experience the underwater world provides. For recreational diver interested in experiencing deep sea, depth places rarely seen by the human eye or excited to view the beautiful reefs of the sea; scuba diving can provide various benefits. Besides observing fantastic things in beautiful natural environment, scuba diving comes with health benefits too.

Physical fitness

One way to strengthen your muscle is by exercising in water.  Swimming is the best providing both a cardiovascular workout and muscle workout as you push against the natural pressure of the water on your body with minimum to no strain on your joints.

You can also spend hours in the water carrying heavy equipment while swimming against the natural resistance of the water. It may sound very tiring, but it feels easy since you are busy enjoying yourself, but in reality, you are getting an excellent workout.

Stress reliever

Breathing deeply and slowly while diving produces a peaceful, relaxed state while the diver concentrates on the underwater environment rather than their daily life problems, therefore, helping to reduce stress and balance the nervous system. A calm and relaxed state of mind has been proven to promote a positive attitude and prevent depression


Sunlight supplies the body with vitamin D, which helps maintain bone density, aid the body’s absorption of calcium, and helps support the normal functioning of the nervous system. This will result in strengthing of the bones and increasing endorphin production in the brain, which contributes to a healthy nervous system.

Social health benefit

When you take a dive trip, you meet other like-minded people that share that common interest. By joining a scuba diving club or class, you will come in contact with many people with the same hobbies who may end up becoming life-long friends. It’s an exciting feeling to surface from a dive full of incredible memories of your adventure and then to be able to share them with good friends who are just as interested as you are.

Improve blood flow

While working all your body muscles all at the same time during diving, you will also give yourself a full cardiovascular exercise. The muscles require oxygen, so your blood vessels open for a better blood flow to supply the much-needed oxygen.

Lessen blood pressure

Diving can help lower blood pressure. The new studies conducted have shown that those who dive on a daily basis are less likely to have strokes and heart attacks.


You don’t have to be incredibly fit scuba diver; it’s a sport that is easily accessible to the average person. Nevertheless, you require to be in a state of heath and free of any serious medical problems. Before diving, though, you will be asked to answer a medical questionnaire. Diving also makes you appreciate the environment even more and will bring you closer to the right people that can educate you about the importance of preservation and fragile underwater habitats

Working in the North American west coast region

The forests are the greatest blessing of nature. They can contribute a lot in our daily life like they can protect the water, provide food, shelter and control soil erosion. The American forests are fertile and help the growth of the timber. There are heavy forests found in the North American west coast region. I have started my learning about forestry from my childhood. I have to manage the many different kinds of woodlots and especially the responsibility of taking care of the timber. I have done my masters in forestry. Now I am providing services for the trees in the forest and shaped the beautiful landscapes. I have done many different projects in my life; the North American west coast is one of them. And there some issues faced by us during working on the North American west coast.

Insects and animal:

It is like the inviting place for non-native species. They cause havoc during the work, the many different insects often found in our camps. The dangerous reptiles like snakes are found in this area which can disturb us. According to the research, there are around 6500 non-native species found in this area. For protection from these things, there should be the proper equipment’s provided by the government. There should be a proper staying place for the workers to ensure their comfort and safety.

Change in climate:

In this area the climate changes within the seconds, and when climate changes it will affect the forests. The glaciers started melting and the landscapes shifted into the forests. The rise in the temperature will affect the growth of the trees and can damage the soil. The melting of the glaciers can cause floods which can destroy the trees and plants. We have to face these climate changes during working in the North American west coast area. For this, we must have the latest devices which can predict the weather forecast so we can manage our task according to it.
Supply of fresh water and food:
There are no proper facilities available near this area, we have to travel thousands of miles from this area to find the food and the water. This area is covered with the landscapes and the heavy forests when going inside it is not possible for you to return back in a few minutes. So we have to store the food and water for many days. If we need something we have wait till the supplies come.

Lost contact:

The main issue we faced while working in this area is the lost of the mobile signals. There is no mobile network in this area, and there is no electricity in this area. We have to arrange generators for working and living. There is no hospital near this area if someone is ill or faces an accident we have to call for rescue services to help us. To avoid these situations there should be a medical camp or hospital in this area.…