Challenges for working in North America west coast

North America is the largest continent that comes on the third number in America. There are many small islands found in this area. There landscapes and forests found in this area to enhance its beauty. North America is divide is divided according to its physical region like there is a mountain on the west side. These mountains are known as the Rocky Mountains which have a massive range throughout this area. These forests have a moderate temperature which is beneficial for the tree and plants. There is some popular tree found in these forests like spruce, Douglas and red cedar. There are some deserts in this region of North America. The deserts were found near the Rocky Mountains. The important thing is this area has plenty of oil and natural gas in the ground. We have faced many different challenges while working in this North America west coast region some of them are discussed below.

Use of machines:

There are landscapes and heavy forests with the desert area in this region. The machines can reach their easily we need helicopters to transfer machines from one place to another. The most difficult part is the handling of the machines in this area. The machines used for the landscaping are different from the machines used for tree cutting or trimming. The machines are necessary to use in this area because the work not done by the hands. If the machine faces any problem or breakdown we have to call the mechanic by paying the extra cost. The trees required the regular trimming according to their growth pattern. We have to take care of every single tree.

Availability of skilled workers:

This area is hundreds of miles away from the city, and no one is willing to work in this area. We have to hire the workers on a contractual basis and provide them food and place for their living. Even the tree service provider is not agreed to work in this place. Most people found this place dangerous due to the availability of harmful animals and reptiles like bear and rattlesnake. The tree services provider are not available easily. We have to guide the local worker for tree trimmings and cuttings.


There is no proper track for vehicles to enter in this area. We faced a lot of problems during cutting the trees and shaping the landscapes. The trucks can’t be moved easily, we have to throw the trees into the sea.

Water shortage:

There is a shortage of water in this area of North America west coast region. The 95 percent of the forest area is covered by sea water. The sea water can damage the soil if the soil is damaged the trees will fall or have diseases. The soil erosion started, the water from the glaciers will be beneficial for the trees and plants. The trees need fresh water to grow faster or healthier. The trees would start affected by different diseases. we need fresh water to save trees from drying and get affected.

All these challenges are faced by us during working at the North American west coast region. If we have the proper equipment’s and transportation facility to this area we can work easily or get the benefits from the abandoned of the resources available in this area. We are experts in our field and try you give our best at any condition.

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