Working in the North American west coast region

The forests are the greatest blessing of nature. They can contribute a lot in our daily life like they can protect the water, provide food, shelter and control soil erosion. The American forests are fertile and help the growth of the timber. There are heavy forests found in the North American west coast region. I have started my learning about forestry from my childhood. I have to manage the many different kinds of woodlots and especially the responsibility of taking care of the timber. I have done my masters in forestry. Now I am providing services for the trees in the forest and shaped the beautiful landscapes. I have done many different projects in my life; the North American west coast is one of them. And there some issues faced by us during working on the North American west coast.

Insects and animal:

It is like the inviting place for non-native species. They cause havoc during the work, the many different insects often found in our camps. The dangerous reptiles like snakes are found in this area which can disturb us. According to the research, there are around 6500 non-native species found in this area. For protection from these things, there should be the proper equipment’s provided by the government. There should be a proper staying place for the workers to ensure their comfort and safety.

Change in climate:

In this area the climate changes within the seconds, and when climate changes it will affect the forests. The glaciers started melting and the landscapes shifted into the forests. The rise in the temperature will affect the growth of the trees and can damage the soil. The melting of the glaciers can cause floods which can destroy the trees and plants. We have to face these climate changes during working in the North American west coast area. For this, we must have the latest devices which can predict the weather forecast so we can manage our task according to it.
Supply of fresh water and food:
There are no proper facilities available near this area, we have to travel thousands of miles from this area to find the food and the water. This area is covered with the landscapes and the heavy forests when going inside it is not possible for you to return back in a few minutes. So we have to store the food and water for many days. If we need something we have wait till the supplies come.

Lost contact:

The main issue we faced while working in this area is the lost of the mobile signals. There is no mobile network in this area, and there is no electricity in this area. We have to arrange generators for working and living. There is no hospital near this area if someone is ill or faces an accident we have to call for rescue services to help us. To avoid these situations there should be a medical camp or hospital in this area.…